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The Gassy Gnoll: Learning to Embrace My Fickle Dice

The Gassy Gnoll is of Irish descent. (With a name like Fitzpatrick, it’s probably not shocking!)…

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Cards Review: Tavern Cards Kickstarter

Earlier this year, I backed the Tavern Cards Kickstarter from Hannah Lipsky (Swordgleam of Chaotic…

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Publisher News: Mutant Chronicles Goes Ballistic for Modiphius!

Perhaps you’ve heard of this little company called Modiphius Entertainment who put together a little

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The Gassy Gnoll: Ideas Blown On The Winter Wind

As this Gassy Gnoll sits in his home in Colorado today hiding from a biting wind and below freezing…

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Supplement Review: d30 Sandbox Companion by Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr. for New Big Dragon Games Unlimited

It’s been a long while now since I GM’ed regularly, but when I did I tended towards big, wide-open…

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The Gassy Gnoll: The Importance of Quiet

Recently I had an opportunity to watch The Last Samuraion television and came to an interesting…

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The Gassy Gnoll: New Game Day is Coming! New Game Day is Coming!

The Gassy Gnoll understands far too well that the world is a weird place. But when Martin Ralya from

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The Gassy Gnoll: A Cult Above (Repost)

Recently I was chatting with a friend of mine (hey Mike!) and the topic of cults came up. Yes, we…

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Magazine Review: Gygax Magazine #3

From Jayson Elliot’s editorial in Gygax Magazine #3, I knew things with the magazine were hitting…

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The Gassy Gnoll: Zen Gaming (Gaming Unplugged 2014)

What is gaming to you? How do you define that experience for yourself? How do you define it for…

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